Brief history of the department 

The department "General Chemistry and Silicates Technology" was created in 2015 on the basis of two earlier existing departments: "Technology of ceramics, glass and binding substances" and "General and inorganic chemistry". Therefore the history of the department comprises the long-term history of these departments' existence.

Training of chemical engineers in "Silicates Technology" specialty was conducted at the chemistry faculty of the Don polytechnical institute at Mineral Substances Technology (TMS) department since 1907. In 1929 the "Silicates Technology"department was formed on the basis of TMS department. In 1951 the division of chemistry faculty took place, and the Cement faculty was formed which included "Technology of the Binding Substances (TKBS) and "Technologies of ceramics, glass and enamel"departments. In 1986 these departments were united in one under the name "Technology of Ceramics, Glass and Binding Substances".

The "General and Inorganic Chemistry" department was organized in 1907. Professor Solonsky V.A. was the first head of the department. From 1966 to 1978 the outstanding scientist and hydro-chemist professor V.M. Levchenko worked as the head of the department of inorganic chemistry. Those years Vasily Maksimovich was the chairman of Dissertation Committee. For scientific and pedagogical advantages V.M. Levchenko, was granted the Badge of Honour order, by certificates of honor of the USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium and other awards.