October 18, 1907 the Don Polytechnic Institute (DPI) was established as the first higher technical institution in the South of Russia. Mining, mechanical, chemical technology and land-reclamation faculties were the first ones at the institute.


In 1907 the department "Technology of mineral substances" was created as a part of chemical technology faculty. Within different time periods the department served as a source for allocating three specialties and organizing the following departments: 1928 – "Silicates technology ", 1932 – "Technology of electrochemical productions", 1960 – "Automation of chemical industry processes". In 1962 on the basis of the "Organic chemistry" department "Chemical technology of plastic mass» department was organized.


The department nowadays


In 2015, the "Chemical technologies" department was established as a result of merging three departments:


- "Technology of inorganic and organic substances", "Chemical technology of high-molecular compounds


- "Technology of electrochemical production'


- "Chemical technology of high molecular compounds, organic, physical and colloid chemistry"


The Department of " Chemical technologies "is the main structural subdivision of the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) which is conducting educational, scientific, research activities within the framework of the statutory activities (hereinafter the CT department).


The staff of the CT department consists of teachers, researchers, postgraduates, doctoral students, supporting personnel. Direct management of the department is carried out by its head, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Lipkin Mikhail Semenovich.

Head of the department: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Lipkin Mikhaill Semenovich